Judge Crystal Chandler

County Court #13 is a countywide misdemeanor court that handles criminal cases involving violence committed against spouses or former spouses, family members, persons currently or formerly in a dating relationship or persons residing in the same household. 

Since taking the bench, Judge Chandler has kept up with the busy and unique caseload of this criminal court.  She has handled more than 7,000 cases and presided over more than 60 jury trials.  She has reduced the court's docket by approximately 25%.  She utilizes her extensive knowledge of the law everyday while making rulings that are fair and impartial. 

Judge Chandler took the bench with a deep commitment to public service and the necessary experience to step into this position, having spent 2 years as a judicial briefing attorney at Texas' highest criminal court and 15 years working as a criminal trial lawyer and appellate lawyer with the Bexar County District Attorney's office.


With her specialized training and legal experience in criminal law, Judge Chandler understands the dynamics of domestic violence and related legal issues. 

As a felony family violence prosecutor, she spent several years specializing in the prosecution of sex crimes against children and domestic violence crimes including murders, aggravated assaults, kidnappings, and violations of protective orders due to physical abuse.  She was also responsible for the prosecution of felony offenses relating to the physical abuse of children including cases in which babies had died.   

As an appellate prosecutor, she continued to work on these cases by filing legal briefs before the intermediate appellate courts, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.  She also assisted trial prosecutors with difficult legal issues and answered questions posed by various law enforcement agencies.  She prepared and taught criminal law courses for other prosecutors, investigators, and law enforcement officers for continuing education credit.  


Judge Chandler brings wisdom, intellect, experience, and good judicial temperament to this specialized court.